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The first step is to sit down with on of our Project Managers, this is what we call a “SunTest”. This initial meeting accurately depicts how much power your home can produce to see if it is enough to cover your yearly annual usage.


After the site survey, our team handles everything for you. We send over permits to the local Authority Having Jurisdiction, Utility Provider and Home Owner’s Associations when applicable. Once we receive back all approvals, that’s when we are ready for installation.  This part of the process can take anywhere from 30-90 days depending on the city you live in


 In most cases, the actual installation of the solar panels takes a full 8 hour work day. If it is a larger system the team might have to return the next morning to finish up. Once the system is installed, we get our final inspections and  the proper forms are submitted to the right people. The final step is to wait for the system to be turned on, which is called PTO.  

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