About Us

We Help You Create Energy In An Eco-friendly Way

Elegant Solar Inc is a leading solar energy broker specializing in solar equipment and systems. We distribute a wide variety of solar products to homeowners across the United States. Our goal is to provide a positive difference in not only the way the world uses solar energy but the general message around converting to solar power. Through providing superior products, we not only meet the needs of our clients but also help boost the economy and environment around us.

We believe that solar energy not only provides an environmentally responsible solution to climate needs, but also a positive economical option as it helps generate a solid and lasting ROI for the lifetime of ANY system.

Elegant Solar Inc delivers complete solar energy systems ready for both rooftop and ground mount applications!

Within our selection of superior products, we’re certain to find a product to fit your specific application and requirements.

Through Elegant Solar Inc, you can be sure that you’re getting the highest quality solar technology at the best price available! Remember, as brokers, we aren’t tied to one specific brand so the options are endless!

Quality, reliability, and durability sets the bar for the products that we offer. We understand that exceptional solar energy starts with exceptional solar products!

Solar energy is constantly innovating and taking massive leaps forward! Don’t stress over doing the research and let Elegant Solar Inc show you the superior products to decide what best fits your needs.

Our mission is to provide nothing but the best solar energy for EVERY home! We intend to EXCEED your expectations through exceptional products and services.